Jan 23

Spotlight on Chinese New Year

Visit Atma Insights to learn more about business practices and culture in China. Xin Nian Hao In China, most people wish each other "Xin Nian Kuai Le," which means Happy New Year. Among family and close friends, people use the shorter version, "Xin Nian Hao." These are customary... read more →
Apr 28

Japan – Golden Week (April 29, May 3-6)

April 29th, Showa Day, marks the start of Golden Week—a series of four holidays that has become the longest and one of the busiest vacation periods for most Japanese companies. The week continues with: May 3rd, Constitutional Memorial Day May 4th, Greenery Day May 5th, Children’s Day A... read more →
Mar 02

Carnival Celebrations Around The World

Carnival forms an integral part of the Christian calendar. Say the word Carnival and most people instinctively think of Brazil, but the holiday is actually celebrated in Christian communities around the world—Brazilians have just become noteworthy for the level of their celebrations! Carnaval in Brazil As in other... read more →
Feb 21

Cross-Cultural Learning Helps Corporations Prevent Discrimination Issues

Culture Applied: Practical Realities of Global Staffing & Local Culture Issues of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, and lifestyle continue to dominate our political, social, and corporate conversations. Most companies have detailed official staffing and employee policies against discrimination in any form. But how do firms realistically... read more →
Jan 31

Spotlight on Chinese New Year

China is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern. From its snowy mountain ranges to its long rivers and expansive deserts, China is home to a rich mix of ethnicities, cultures and traditions that can be traced back thousands of years. Understanding this balance of ancient and modern... read more →