Individual Solutions

In today’s global world, successful professionals and global enthusiasts recognize that there are wide cultural differences around the world and these continue to heavily impact how people interact, communicate, and conduct business.

Business professionals understand that differences in business practices, communication, and management styles can impact a range of business and personal interactions. Whether you work for a large or small company there’s no room for error or delays—both of which may result from cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications. These miscues can not only impact the bottom line, but also your global success.

An understanding of culture will enable you to successfully navigate the nuances of entering new markets; develop and maintain business relationships; negotiate successful deals; conduct sales, conduct marketing and advertising campaigns; and, monitor manufacturing and distribution.

As one of the premier providers of culture, country, and business resources for global professionals in a range of industries, our learning products can help you gain the essential and comprehensive cross-cultural knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex global business arena.—making the difference between success and failure.

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