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Our Content Methodology

Atma Insights Content Methodology

We’re often asked—how does Atma develop its content? Do you have a content methodology—that is, a content philosophy?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Let us explain.

First, Atma means “higher understanding,” and that’s what we aim to deliver through all of our content solutions. Our videos and learning content offer a distinctive blend of accurate facts and analysis infused with our unique content methodology, philosophy, and editorial approach.

In essence, as social scientists, our academically rooted methodology provides in-depth, reliable analysis of the intersection of business, global affairs, cultures, and countries and offers practical, actionable insights.

To achieve these unique insights, our editorial approach is a collective hive effort involving teams of subject-matter experts.


A word about our experts.

We put together a team of subject-matter experts for each new country, business, or global topic. Most of them possess a master’s or PhD in business or the social sciences. We strongly value the practitioner-academic model, and most of our experts are businesspeople who have extensive experience actually working, managing, and operating within and across cultures. We integrate theory with practical, real-world experience and insights.

Of relevance, they have worked and usually lived in-country for an extended period of time. Our experts may or may not be native to that country or culture. We believe that just being born into a country or culture does not make someone an expert on that culture. In fact, living as a foreigner in another culture or country can often provide an essential point of view that complements a native perspective. Accordingly, each team includes both native and non-native experts. They are diverse by a wide range of visible and invisible characteristics such as location, age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, thought, and perspective.

We are convinced that drawing experts from a broad pool makes for better, in-depth, and more accurate learning content—and the breadth of perspectives and experiences leads to richer debate within our content teams.

We assign a lead expert to develop the content according to our guidelines, which is then vetted for accuracy and thoroughness through our exhaustive, inclusive peer-review process.

The result is that this hive editorial approach allows our subject-matter experts to speak with a collective voice grounded in fact and analysis, not individual opinion or perspective.

Do our writers have opinions? They most certainly do. Don’t we all? But opinions belong in op-eds, not in our learning content. By using a practical framework and academic methodology, we take great care to ensure that no one subject matter expert’s perspective dominates the analysis. Accordingly, our learning content is the work of Atma’s hive mind rather than that of a single author. We believe strongly that what is conveyed is more important than who writes it.

We value and preserve the integrity and high quality of our learning content. It helps that we’re independently owned and our founder embodies the practitioner-academic mindset.


The Atma Methodology

A few more notes on our learning content methodology, philosophy, and editorial approach.