AGI Solutions

We develop leading-edge learning products and solutions, focused on cultures, countries, and global business topics. To meet the needs of our global clients, users, and partners, we have developed a number of learning programs and a multimedia content library which can be customized. Our Cultural Advisory Services provides thought leadership and assists global institutions in understanding the impact of culture on their global operations and objectives.

At Atma Global, our products and service offerings have always evolved to meeting the ever-changing needs of our global clients, uses, and partners. Here are some of the ways we have helped our global clients and partners.

  • Corporations, libraries, universities, and public and private sector institutions have added our learning products to their intranets and to their Learning Management Systems for expanded course offerings. Learn More
  • Organizations have utilized our thought knowledge expertise to better assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including customer service, sales and marketing, training programs, human resources, mergers & acquisitions and, strategy and business development – enhancing the effectiveness of their initiatives. Learn More
  • Global publishers have licensed select AGI content – videos, images, and text -- to supplement their books, media sources, and online resources. We’ve also developed custom content at a fraction of market cost by utilizing our in-depth subject matter expertise, creative and technical capabilities, and extensive and proprietary global media library. Our teams are subject matter experts in a wide range of culture, country, and global business topics.Learn More
  • Airlines have used our multimedia content as in-flight entertainment, providing a unique source of edu-tainment to their global travelers. Our learning content has also been used as training programs for global flight attendants and pilots. Learn More
  • Resellers in the education, corporate learning, and travel & hospitality industries around the world have added new revenue streams by bundling and/or selling Atma products and content to their customers -- offering immediate revenue generating opportunities. Learn More

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